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Strawberry Kiwi- Strawberry Kiwi by Air Factory E-Liquid is a classic take on a popular taffy candy profile, delivering a delicious balance of sweetness and tartness from the strawberry taffy.

Mystery/ Mix Berry- Mystery by Air Factory E-Liquid intermixes a pool of mysterious berries in taffy candy form for a complex yet fruity production that'll keep you guessing each time.

Berry Rush- Berry Rush by Air Factory E-Liquid is a sensational mixture of berries resulting in a sweet tropical candied flavor that tastes like it came from a candy shop of youth reminiscent.

Mango- Indulge in the tropical flavor of Mango by Air Factory E-Liquids, capturing the taste of lusciously juicy mangoes for a delicious eLiquid blend.

Pink Punch- Pink Punch by Air Factory E-Liquid, a delightfully sour blend of sweet and tangy lemonade that will pucker the mouth and embolden the taste buds.

Blue Razz- Blue Razz by Air Factory E-Liquid presents a sensational blue raspberry taffy candy with the right amount of sweetness and a hint of tartness to create a mouthwatering blend.

Wild Apple- Wild Apple by Air Factory E-Liquid blends a tarty green apple base in sweet taffy candy for a simple yet tantalizing flavor profile.

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